Mala2.jpgI have been receiving lots of queries regarding my publications and the work I am doing at present so I thought it best to make it available on one website and provide you with links, wherever possible, so that you can access them more speedily. I am also posting my cv here and if there are any articles or book chapters listed there which you cannot access, please feel free to post a request or query on this website.
Much of my early work focused on gender, nationalism, militarism and resistance culminating in my dissertation research on the conditions of possibility of motherhood in political protest in Sri Lanka. I have extended my concern with these issues in two slightly different trajectories at present: (1) re-thinking feminist peace activism in Sri Lanka, especially how the category of the 'political' is constituted, mobilized and re-iterated and (2) interrogating the categories of suffering and sentiment --initially explored in conjunction with the category of motherhood-- within the broader context of humanitarian aid in times of conflict and the more recent tsunami which devastated vast swathes of the coast of Sri Lanka.
I have gained immensely by sharing, discussing and debating my work with other scholars and activists and am especially indebted to the various feminist networks --local, national, regional and international-- which have supported and sustained me, especially the Women's Coalition for Peace, Colombo, SAFRA (South Asian Feminist Researchers' Association) and WICZNET (Women in Conflict Zones Network). Some of my chief interlocutors, with whom I have also co-authored or co-edited work are Kumari Jayawardena, Pradeep Jeganathan and Jennifer Hyndman.

Malathi de Alwis